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artist | image | beneath the tangles
artist | image | beneath the tangles
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Kogami Shinya - Dominator

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"what classes are you taking this semester"


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I finally reached 200 followers on here so I figured I’d do a really nice give away

-Any two wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs
-Any two pairs of contacts from Pinky Paradise
- A double strap heart garter from Creepyyeha on Storenvy
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-Any dress below $100 from Lolita Dress Shop

-You have to be following me
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-Have fun trying to win :)

This giveaway will end on July 30th.
I do ship internationally.
Winner will be picked with a random generator.

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Live-action "Attack on Titan" movie cast revealed




On Wednesday in Japan the official website for Shinji Higuchi’s live-action movie adaptation of Attack on Titan (out 2015) was updated with a full cast list.

Back in April it was announced that Haruma Miura will star in the film. Today’s new additions include Hiroki Hasegawa, Kiko…

Ok, if I had to take wild guesses (And if the leading names are indeed playing the actual manga characters):

Miura Haruma - Eren
Mizuhara Kiko - Mikasa
Hongou Kanata - Armin (I loved this one in Nana 2 back in the day)
Hasegawa Hiroki - Erwin?? (He has the height…and also much older than the rest)
Ishihara Satomi - Sasha
Miura Takahiro - Connie
Sakuraba Nanami - Historia
Kunimura Jun - Pixis
Watanabe Shu - Jean?? (Seems a bit low in the billing, though)
Takeda Rina - Annie

I really have no clue on the rest, though. Hmm…

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you: lmao what are you, twelve??



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(進撃の巨人) エレン・イェーガー
Rena Illusion


(進撃の巨人) エレン・イェーガー

Rena Illusion

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Artist: Yoko Kanno
Track: "ili lolol"

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東京喰種 - トーキョーグール-

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of yours, a secret


of yours, a secret

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